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Replacement Kitchen Brush Head


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  • Sustainable Wood (FSC 100%)
  • Plant-based Bristles
  • 100% Biodegradable

Replacement Kitchen Brush Head

Replacement Kitchen Brush Head made with sustainable wood and plant-based bristles. The brush head is replaceable and is completely biodegradable. The wood is local beech wood from a sustainably managed forest with the FSC 100% stamp, meaning that the certified forest is managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment.

To clarify further, the bristles are made from Tampico, a robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus. Furthermore, the bristles are durable and compostable after use, whilst being 100% plastic-free and marine-safe.

The diameter of the brush head is 4cm.

Our replacement brush head is handmade in Germany.


Please allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.

The brush head is replaceable, use pliers or your fingers to pinch together the two metal wires and pull back the toggle. Following this, simply remove the used head and replace it with a new head. Finally, push the toggle back towards the new head until it fits into place. You can now use your good as new kitchen brush and compost the old brush head, or reuse it as a brush with a different function.




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