The Green Woodpecker

about us

We are a small online business which provides high quality eco-friendly and artisan lifestyle products, and we prioritise natural materials and low waste wherever possible.

About Us

We are a small online business with a no-nonsense approach to sustainable living practices. We prioritise eco-friendly, zero-waste and generally sustainable household and lifestyle products, and wherever practical we offer natural materials.

As human beings, we must transition to more environmentally sustainable lifestyles if we want to solve our ecological problems. We believe that environmentally sustainable living should be a necessity, not a luxury, and we empower people to live more sustainably by standing rooted to our core values.


"Our vision is to become a market leader for anyone that want an environmentally sustainable lifestyle."

Core Values

1. Materials

We prioritise natural, recyclable and sustainable materials which won’t end up in landfill or damaging our ecosystems.

2. Build Quality

We believe that products must be high quality so that they last longer; low quality products have to be bought more often leading to more waste.

3. Waste

We aim to minimise waste across all areas of our company including general operations, product selection and shipping.

4. Giving Back

Giving back to the community is a key part of our philosophy, so we donate 1% of our website sales to a sustainable project. Currently we are in partnership with Moor Trees who plant native trees around the UK.

5. Shipping

Our shipping is all plastic-free. We use cardboard boxes for the outer protection and we use recyclable paper and biodegradable packing peanuts made from corn starch for the protection inside the box.